CERN Data Protection Policy

In the achievement of its mission CERN generates a significant quantity and variety of data and also handles data entrusted to it by third parties. Many of these data, as results of CERN’s experimental and theoretical work, are published or otherwise made available by CERN in accordance with its Convention. Other data, including personal data, are given to CERN in confidence.

Operating in an open and transparent manner, CERN is committed to the effective and efficient but also secure management of all data in its possession.

Accordingly, CERN takes the necessary steps to ensure that all its contributors (members of the personnel, contractors working on site, or persons engaged in any other capacity at or on behalf of CERN) handle and divulge CERN data in an appropriate manner, and, in particular, "safeguard confidential information, documents or data, and ensure that such material in their possession is properly protected" (Code of Conduct).

CERN is committed to the principle of respect for privacy as set out in the European Convention of Human Rights and expects from its contributors to “respect the privacy of others and protect personal information given to them in confidence” (Code of Conduct).

CERN collects personal data only for the purpose of functioning of the Organization and in a transparent manner, and further ensures the accuracy of these data throughout their time of use by the Organization. CERN makes personal data accessible to the person whose data it has collected. Upon completion of the purpose, CERN destroys personal data.